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The chief good girl.

I am a bundle of joy and am always happy to see you. I get at least 8 hours (more like 12) of beauty sleep every day. I brush my teeth religiously with sticks and raw bones. I exercise for at least 2 hours a day - just look at the beautiful shape I'm in. I eat my veggies – blueberries and satsumas are my absolute favourites, I also like bananas as long as they have a dollop of peanut butter on them.  Carrots?


Save carrots for the chubby dogs.

I have good manners – I sit, jump and lie down for a treat. For an extra tasty one, like a cube of cheddar cheese, I might even roll over.

I am super friendly and I love all dogs, all humans, all birds, all flowers and all squirrels (they just run too fast, so  I can never get close enough to say hello).  I love the sunshine and you can always find me in the bay window sunbathing and watching the dog world go by.

And I love sticks. Oh, how I love them. If you have any spare, please post them to me.

I love swimming. I could swim all day. Swim and nap. Nap and swim. And then some treats.  And repeat.

I love my human family. I follow them everywhere. To the kitchen, to the bathroom, into the garden and I supervise them at all times – when they cook or clean, or watch TV or snooze, you know, humans can't be trusted. Without me keeping an eye they would be in big big trouble.

The only time I leave them alone is when they pull out the Hoover; I then run away and hide in the bathroom.  Hoover is one scary thing I tell you.

Mummy says I look just like her, just a bit cuter. I do get tons and tons of cuddles and compliments from humans. She might be right; I too think that I am a cutie pie.

So if you see me in the park or on the street, come and give me a high-paw, treats and cuddles. Love cuddles. But love treats much more.


lake garda 2017 adjusted.jpg


The other good girl.


I am always over the moon when I see Lily. And I almost never get 8 hours sleep; sleep is so overrated. I try to brush my teeth twice a day and I pretty much always get the same amount of exercise as Lily. I deffo eat my veggies – all colours of the rainbow. And I always practise good manners.

My favourite place on earth is Lake Garda and I'm deeply in love with everything Italian.

I love sunshine, bright happy colours, pink flowers, especially peonies, early early mornings and ice-cold Prosecco.

I was incredibly lucky to grow up on a farm surrounded by cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and of course, dogs and cats so huge love for animals has been naturally ingrained in me.

After spending 15 years building my career in hospitality and trying my luck in retail I realised that my absolute dream life would be just hanging out with my dog all day.

And after some encouragement from the worlds best husband and a helping hand from a dear friend Sally @ Sallys Pooches that's exactly what I did.

I decided to hang out with my dog all day as well as some other lovely wet noses and wagging tails. 

 July 2019 Sandwell council was kind enough to grant the licence to The Good Girl Getaway as a dog home boarding establishment. 

So here we go, living our best lives.


♥ ♥ ♥



The Good Girl supervisor.

Because someone has to supervise this crazy bunch so they don't spend all the money ordering fluffy dog blankets and unicorn smelling dog shampoos ( what is a unicorn anyway?)

And the bills need to be paid on time. And cars MOT needs doing. And a thousand handyman jobs around the house need completing. Grass and hedges need cutting. And obviously, someone has to clean the wet nose marks off the windows.

I love football and am currently completing Level 2 in football coaching. That is my absolute dream in life. I also love chocolate, Aston Villa (yeah keep your opinions to yourselves), cold beer, camping and motorbikes.

I love my two good girls. 

Life is what you make of it. Make it great.

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