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the incredible liver cake

This cake is pure magic.

Lily did not leave my side whilst I was making the liver cake. She stayed in the kitchen whilst the cake was baking. She sat next to the counter waiting for it to cool down. Her eyes were near enough closed and her nostrils did not stop moving –I'm sure she could smell heaven.

most incredible liver cake  - dog treat

Ingredients you will need:

1200g lamb liver (human grade – we get ours from the local butcher)

2 free range eggs

100ml organic coconut oil

200g Gluten Free Flour

200g old fashioned breakfast oats (+ extra 100g if the liver mix is runny)

250g fresh peas (defrosted)

50g unsalted butter


Cut the lamb liver in large chunks & put in a food processor (do not worry about trimming off any tube bits etc, a food processor will wiz it all up).

Add 2 eggs & coconut oil and blitz the life out of it.

Pour the liquid (smoothie consistency) in a large bowl, add all GF flour and mix thoroughly. Then add your oats and mix thoroughly again. If you feel that mixture is too runny, add a little more oats. The mixture should hold its shape.

Add the peas and give it a final stir.

Put baking paper in your chosen pan, then oil or butter the pan (I use olive oil spray – super easy and no mess). Pour your mix into the pan (choose larger pan for thinner and crispier cake and smaller pan for thick and moist cake). Place it into a preheated oven.

150 degrees for 1 hour.

When you believe cake to be nearly ready, test it with a match or toothpick – when pulling if the matchstick or toothpick is clear, your cake is ready.

Remove from the oven and leave to cool. Butter the top of the cake with unsalted butter and let it melt and soak into the cake – at this stage, Lily could barely contain herself and was drooling all over the kitchen floor.

And there you have it. A piece of dog heaven.

most incredible liver cake  - dog treat

most incredible liver cake  - dog treat

Taste test:

Husband: sworn vegetarian, but agreed it looked good

Lily: absolutely loved it. Whilst I was writing my notes she got up on the kitchen counter and stole a corner bit of the cake. Wasn`t even sorry. Evidence attached below.

Cat: sniffed it! Licked it! There might be hope!!! Checked his food bowl a little later. There is no hope.

Lily, however, was very happy to finish his piece.

most incredible liver cake  - dog treat

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