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The beginning. In search of a puppy.

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

in search of a puppy
a dog is for life

A dog is for life. Choose wisely.

For as long as I can remember I always wanted a German shepherd, ever since as a little girl I watched German TV series called Kommissar Rex (I highly recommend it).

Everyone has their favourite breed – we look for characteristics, energy levels, playfulness, fluffiness, size and weight, exercise needs and grooming requirements. No wonder we often say “like the owner, like the dog”; in our case – it could not be more true.

Every Sunday for weeks on end I was dragging my poor husband to every dog rescue place open, searching for that one and only wonderful soul who desperately wanted to be loved and smuggled in cuddles.

Some trips were super exciting and full of joy and some ended in floods of tears. We could have loved any dog, every dog and all the dogs; they all were so so so worthy of a home...

But deep down in our hearts, we wanted a puppy. A little bundle of joy to raise from the beginning. And we promised to ourselves that one day we will rescue a dog. And give this dog the most wonderful home and love him more than is humanly possible.

After a long research, all my free minutes and texts used up talking to breeders and all our days off spent driving to meet pups, we finally found her.

just look how happy my human is!

It felt right. The human felt right. The dogs were happy and healthy, had exercising space, warm home, carpets to wee on and an experienced breeder.

It was so right. It did not feel like rescuing a puppy (and we visited a few of them also).

She came from a good home and was definitely going to one.

Always rescue a dog if you can.

If you must have a puppy - please read on

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