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frozen banana & blueberry treats

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

When England is hit with surprisingly fine weather (I mean mini heat waves and we have been so blessed last summer), I love to make Lily some frozen treats.

frozen banana and blueberry dog treats
best dog ice lollies

As soon as the first hot weather warning hits the news, we instantly drop everything we are doing (call in sick for work, tell all customers we are fully booked, switch off all phones in case family members want to visit), draw closed the living room curtains and pretend we are not home.

Whilst absolutely living it up in the back garden dancing to the summer tunes, sizzling up the BBQ, drinking ice cold beer (husband) and Prosecco (me) and trying all the ice cream flavours available in our local store.

As ice cream is a big no-no for Lily (full of sugar, thank God), she always sits near us with a really long face watching us scrape the last bit of ice cream out of the bottom of the container.

So here we go, the one and only ice cream lollies for my darling Lily so she can participate in the ice cream eating contest we hold in our backyard as soon as the sun is out.

Frozen banana and blueberry treats:

Ingredients you will need:

1 banana (smashed)

200 ml plain Greek yoghurt

50 ml honey

Dash of milk

A handful of blueberries (you can use any fruit however blueberries are Lily's favourite and we seem to always have some in the fridge).

frozen banana and blueberry dog treats
all the ingredients you`ll need


Blitz yogurt, banana and milk with a food processor (we use Magic Bullet and only God knows how I managed to survive without it for 31 years).

Pour into the ice making moulds (these are the ones we use ) + the heart one I got ages ago trying to be romantic and make heart shaped ice cubes for husbands drink.

Did. Not. Appreciate. It. Waste of money. The dog will use them now.

frozen banana and blueberry dog treats
pretty dog ice lollies

Once you have poured the mixture into the shapes, place a blueberry or two into each lolly mould (do not fill the moulds to the brim as the mixture will overflow once you drop in the blueberry) and finish with a tiny drop of runny honey across the blueberry.

Place it in the freezer for 4 – 5 hours and voila!

Keep frozen for up to 2 weeks but I doubt it will last that long.

Taste test:

Husband: 3 out of 5 as it's not chocolate.

Lily: I love it, give me more!

Cat: not interested.

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